Here at Arizon we have a very clear focus on what we enjoy doing and what we do the best. That is designing and supplying off-grid solar energy systems that are reliable, simple and sustainable. This philosophy is practised in every aspect of the operation of the business. We are laser-focused on helping customers to tackle some of the biggest challenges in this industry. How do we make a solar energy system highly reliable so it can be used for mission-critical application? How do we make the system simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and in some cases, easy to transport and to be hired out? How could our solutions maximise its impact in today’s energy crisis in terms of making clean energy more readily available and replacing noisy, dirty generators?

Every application is different and they all deserve an individual approach. Our state of the art testing equipment enables us to record and analyse all the characteristics of a load, and our rich experience in the performance of solar and energy storage systems assists us in designing a system which reliability can be guaranteed. Our strong background in mechanical engineering helps us deliver solutions that are robust, durable, aesthetically pleasing, compact and thorough.