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Extra Low Voltage Lighting System

Arizon came up with the patented ELV lighting system to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the temporary lighting.

Due to strict regulations around 240V lighting, temporary lighting on a construction site can be hard to plan and costly to install. With the ELV lighting system, all lights are running from a ELV power source (converted from 240V grid) thus offering a lot more flexibility when it comes to installation method and location. The system is plug and play so it can be easily adjusted/reconfigured to suit site requirements which can be constantly changing.

An optional UPS system is also available. When the mains is interrupted, the light will still be on to keep the site bright and safe.

We could also couple the entire lighting system with a master solar energy system so they can be running completely off the grid with an optional generator back up.

This system can be used in conjunction with our independent solar lighting product. ELV lighting system would cover the majority of the area and the independent solar light will be used for locations that are out of reach.

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Solar Lighting at the West Gate Tunnel Project Site in Melbourne

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